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Need to Know Contacts

Gather FCU contacts

Service Contact Information
Call or Text (808) 245-6791

Gather FCU Visa Credit Cards

Service Contact Information
Member Service Phone Number (866) 577-5332
Premium Member Service Phone Number (866) 576-1355
Lost/Stolen Phone Number
(800) 449-7728 
If out of the country, members can call collect on (727) 299-2449
Fraud Inquiries
Dispute Inquiries
Card Activation Phone Number (800) 631-3197
Cardholder PIN Now Phone Number (888) 886-0083
Loyalty Rewards Phone Number (800) 637-7728

Gather FCU ATM & Debit Cards

Service Contact Information
Lost/Stolen ATM or Debit Card (888) 241-2510
Debit Card Activation  (800) 466-0040
Dispute Fraudulent Transactions on your Gather FCU Debit Card 1-877-536-3524
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