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Gather FCU partnered with Kapa'a High School and opened a Student Credit Union on February 10, 2016. Personal finance education is a key element in establishing a sound and secure economy within our community and beyond. It is our goal to provide real life financial experiences and information to youth in order to nurture financially productive adults. Currently, the student branch is not operating due to COVID, but we hope to get it started once things open up in the schools.

By participating in this educational program, student will be introduced to beginning concepts regarding personal savings, identifying needs vs. wants, using a debit card, monitoring monthly and online statements, and financial goal setting. Age appropriate savings and checking programs will be offered through the Warrior Credit Union in order to encourage students to develop good financial habits. Junior Achievement Kauai is also involved at Kapaa High School and Kapaa Elementary School to support relevant curriculum to complement the real world experience of a student credit union.

Not only will this program educate participating student members, but it also serves as a live learning experience for students at Kapaa High School. The Warrior Credit Union will be operating the student run branch every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am in Room I-101. Students may make real money deposits, deposit checks, and make withdrawals up to $20 at the school branch. For more advanced transactions, students will experience typical member services at Gather FCU branches and ATMs.
Students under 18 years old will be required to have their parents come into a branch or attend a parent night to open an account. For more information on account opening, please call Gather FCU at (808) 245-6791, visit the WCU during open hours at Kapaa High School, or come into any Gather FCU branch. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in monitoring, educating and assisting with their student's account and financial management.

Gather FCU School Programs:
  • Kapaa High School: Warrior Credit Union Student Branch
  • Kapaa Elementary School: Bank Bus Program
  • Kilauea Elementary School: Bank Bus Program
  • Kanuikapono Public Charter School: Bank Bus Program
  • Ele'ele Elementary School: Kid Saver Program (aka Bank Bus Program)
  • Kekaha Elementary School: Bank Bus Program
To learn more, visit our Financial Literacy page
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