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Website Privacy Notice

Personal information, such as your name or address, is not collected when visiting the Gather Federal Credit Union web site. No information is collected to identify you personally.
Gather Federal Credit Union's web site contains "links" to other websites for products or services we feel are benefits of interest to our members. Gather Federal Credit Union assumes no liability for the content of these sites.
Any information disclosed to Gather FCU in the normal course of business will be held in confidence. Your name and address will not be sold to any mailing lists or to any merchants. We are in the business of serving our members and not marketing those lists to anyone.

Online Security

The security of your account information and privacy is one of our top priorities. When accessing your account via eBranch Home Banking, you can be assured that your account information will be safe. eBranch uses three methods to ensure its security:
  • All of the information stored at the credit union is protected by a "firewall." This means that our computer system is blocked from outside intrusion by sophisticated software that blocks access by anyone from the outside. 
  • eBranch uses 40/128bit encryption to ensure that the information sent between your computer and ours is not viewed by others on its path from us to you or from you to us. Newer versions of browsers support even higher degrees of encryption up to 128-bit. 
  • Your Access Code offers you and only you access to your account. Your Access Code should be treated as if it were an ATM pin and it should not be revealed to anyone. Failure to enter your access code three times will disable access to your accounts. Should this happen please contact us at (808) 245-6791 and we can unlock your account once we confirm your identity. 
While all of this helps, this is not a guarantee. You should adopt other security measures to protect your information. We strongly recommend the following:
  • Always use an Internet firewall.
  • Keep your computer system up to date. Also, install, run, and keep anti-virus software updated.
  • Be careful with eMail and instant messages (IM).
  • Use strong, hard-to-guess passwords, memorize them, and change them often.
  • Disconnect from the Internet when not in use.
  • Use secure websites for transactions and shopping.
  • Know your billing and statement cycles.
  • Shred confidential papers. 
For more information, visit the Fraud and Identity Theft section of our website.
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